The Pit Crew
The Pit Crew
The Pit Crew
Marie Enger

The Pit Crew

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Help me fight future medical costs AND make a book!

**You’ll receive original art that you made possible. When the book is complete, I will fund printing separately. 

**All art and prints will be shipped as soon as they are completed - likely
between 2024-2025. 

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a hot-shot-publisher giving a Butt-Sick cartoonist a livable wage? 

Let's both find out! 

Did you know that each page of comic art I make takes 10+ hours from script to finish? It’s TRUE! I calculated my rates based off the info gathered in the 2023 Cartoonist Co Op survey. 

Hey. Look at me. I can do all the other stuff the publisher wants, all I need is support to keep on drawing. I'm not sure what the medical situation is gonna look like for the foreseeable future - but it will make working a part time job that is public facing difficult. This is a way to kick me $$ to keep working on something that gives my life purpose when life sucks (like now).


ANYWAY. Here's what I'm thinking -- 

  • You got mail! From the Bongcano! - $50 - get a riso printed postcard set FROM the Bongcano. Delivered when ALL book art is done - ETA 2025. 

  • Vat Spawn-ser - $150 - Create another Vat Spawn for the Bongcano! Comes with an 8.5x11 drawing of a Vat Spawn that you get as soon as I’ve finished drawing that page!  - ETA 2024-2025

  • Greetings! From the Bongcano! - $300 - Sponsor the ORIGINAL postcard art for Greetings! From the Bongcano! When it’s done, I’ll send you the original art! At minimum it’ll be 8.5x11. - ETA 2024-2025

  • Map of the Bongcano - $600 - Sponsor a HUGE double page illustration featuring a layer of the Bongcano! When it’s done, I’ll send you the original art for that map. I honestly don’t know how big it’s gonna be yet. We’ll worry about that later. I’ll be in touch. 

  • Journey to the Center of the Bongcano! - $2000 - Sponsor a WHOLE CHAPTER of Welcome to the Bongcano! When the chapter you sponsored is completed, I will print off exactly ONE copy on a riso printer and send it to you. BESPOKE. I’ll also send you the original art for the coolest double page spread from the chapter you sponsored. 

  • BRING ME TO LIFE! -$3500 - Sponsor a WHOLE COMIC about YOUR Vat Spawn! By providing me with a month’s worth of salary, you’ll be giving me the opportunity to provide the world a comic about YOUR Vat Spawn! You’ll roll up a Vat Spawn for me, then I’ll write and draw a WHOLE comic about it. When it’s done, I’ll send you a bespoke riso copy, the original art from the cover, and the original art from your favorite 2 pages, and the original art of your vat spawn.