Weird Shit I Forgot I Made
Weird Shit I Forgot I Made
Marie Enger

Weird Shit I Forgot I Made

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I was goin' through my inventory spreadsheet, and I kept finding all these patches, pins, keychains, stickers, and actual COMICS I forgot I made. OOPS.

I was really on top of it in late 2019/early 2020, and my big wet brain had everything shipped directly to Portland so I could pick it up for ECCC.  And that's where it stayed! Outta my sight, outta my mind, outta my MEMORY. 

But not anymore! 

Each bag of Weird Shit I Forgot I Made comes with: 

  • bragging rights that you are a fine patron of fine arts 
  • 3 patches
  • 1 hard enamel pin
  • 2 riso zines
  • 1 artbook
  • 1 piece of super secret mystery merch 
  • 1 WEIRD canvas tote bag to throw it all in