Life comes at you hard and fast, and I can’t, and  won’t, be getting into it until a later date, but these past two weeks have been very difficult emotionally, medically, and (therefore) financially. 

My husband and I are both freelancers. Rob is a Muralist/Senior Art Director and…I’m a cartoonist. I buy (silver) tier ACA insurance for $750 a month, and our medical team is great, but you can’t pay them in art.

I could pay YOU in art, though. 

On June 8th, when I got my first of the many-medical-bills-to-come, I treated myself to a public freakout. I posted on social media and had a lot of (incredibly kind) folks reach out with cash donations. I’m not in dire straits like that, and I’m not ready to accept that sort of freely-given help (though I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, I really do) from strangers, colleagues, work acquaintances, or honestly, even really close friends.

It would be bad karma. Straight up. 

Right now I’m in the “work bitch” phase. And if people want to help me feed money to the medical machine, they should get a little somethin’ somethin’ in return right?

If enough people helped me feed money into the machine, there might even be a comic at the end of it. 

Fuck it, why not two. 

The only thing separating you from the publisher is I never told you how much it would cost to finish a piece of the book I’m working on.

Things really suck right now, and I feel really sad, scared, and uncertain about so many things that felt really clear two weeks ago. I’m embarrassed that I have to ask for help, despite being truly grateful that help was offered so quickly. There are days when I feel very hopeless, and like it’s time to walk away from art, but then folks reach out and tell me my work had an impact, and it keeps me there a little longer. 


*** I’m also open to book, graphic, and production design as well as spot, editorial, cover, and game illustration gigs. I am currently unable to collaborate with anyone else on comic projects.